The Dandelion

Generating Power

The Dandelion was an experience that happened only once. It took place within a 6 1/2 story wooden structure. Fourteen artists were involved. Each would generate their own power, by creating an intimate experience to be encountered. They invited only one individual each, to be blindfolded & driven to a hike through the wilderness. And then suddenly there it was, before their eyes, The Dandelion.

The words that follow are written by the artists. These were the experiences that happened.

Rainbow Crow flew to the sky to sing, seeking the Creator-Who-Creates-By-Thinking-What-Will-Be. She came back a burning tailed comet clutching a smoking brand of fire shrouding her radiance in ash sharpening her caw with soot. The animals honored her for her gift and her sacrifice of her glimmering rainbow wings and sweet silk voice yet in her anguish the Creator smiled on her, "When the people come, you will not fear them. They will not hunt you for your prismatic feathers or cage you for your beautiful voice. The smoke-stained shadows of your coat yet reflect the light of heaven your freedom won."

It is white and with sound, a sound that stills a moving of thought, and beckons the feeling of now. Now there is a memory, a memory that was never left behind yet unthought unfathomed by fragments of the whole, developed onto white, into senses, becoming more than what contained it.

Ambassador Heathrow Cajamarca, the Alpaca Bear, engaged in acts of salacious frottage with visitors as they sat and sipped dandelion tea. Loa, demure and civilized, presided over the tea service and led conversation in topics of Norse Mythology and Fashion Trends. Occasionally, the resident night raven would regurgitate maple pecan pralines down the throats of guests that appeared especially in need of nourishment.

Your file in the Great Book of Records is missing some information. Would you be willing to help complete it? What season is it when you die? Are you alone? Are you afraid? From which direction will the wind blow to bring you to your maker? What stones do you need to ground you? What medicine do you carry in your bones? When you meet the blades of the windmill, what language will you use to speak to them?

(5) the Dandelion was the ideal space in which to conduct our... (4) experiments in hypno-botanical mesmerism. (3) through grounding exercises and guided visualizations... (2) inductees learned how to tap into hidden energies... (1) to fuel their connections in the conscious world

The life cycle of butterflies can be a symbolic metaphor for difficult transformation to greater purpose, and the small behaviors that propagate into much larger effect, like the tiny fluttering of butterfly wings creating a hurricane in another time and place. Living butterflies were placed on each person's forehead above their third eye to help guide them to their grandest potential, while each person visualized the trajectory of their life as if they were a butterfly: inexplicably drawn to transformation and inescapably creative of tremendous beauty and impact in the world.

Ritual Roost: Herbalism, Elemental, & Path Magics

After resting high above the ground in a floating bastion of azure softness, you are invited to harness the vast power already inside you.

The Essence of Dandelion will teach contrasting rooting and openness strengths. You will find your own Name of the Wind by looking inside yourself. Finally, you will ask the Wind to send your cherished souls back onto your path.

Feeding is the intimate gift that let's our body tell itself stories. 4 tiny dishes were experienced through a non-verbal feeding performance which connected 4 hand drawn animal archetypes to intimate sensual human behaviors;

I look at you and you feel, fingernails gently claw against your neck's skin while sweet-yam macadamia bread slips between your lips. Then a weightless puff of wool slowly glides across your cheeks as a tiny arugula leaf drops atop your tongue. From a minuscule jar of pomegranate juice, fingers trace the veins of your wrist as you let the nectar's stream flow down your throat. Wind blows from a breath & crawls up your face, while a carob glazed raspberry drops into your mouth from above. You open your eyes.

the words prayer and precarious come from the same root: there is dependence on chance, uncertainty. a physical space was created for greater safety and intimacy between two people. in that space you were seen fully, and you could begin to articulate gratitude and ask for help - or, in other words, to pray.

At the top most point, waiting for you under the stars was a blanket, a pillow and a dream. As you find comfort and lay there, the dream plays out as three siblings must choose the fate of the stars and in turn present you the same choice they made. Do you pluck a star from the night sky, or leave it? It was all up to you.

Smells are like memories. Reminiscence of a moment, of a feeling. Life is a circle, coming back to its start, feeling back the stories of our past. The Circle of Life is an experience connecting past feelings and stories, to possible futures. Open boxes of smells, unveil stories of a past which could also become your future.

Two maidens find a magical place, To play their harps with delicate grace. And as their bowl of crystalline stone Sings a hauntingly beautiful tone, The sirens sing in harmony bright, The sweetest songs to close the night. And like the mountains, forests, and streams Their voices will flow into your dreams. -Child of the Mountain